well just cuz i dont wanna miss some fren things i now have a twitter :0

i should begin to ranch out more…

btw im also working on the patreon page which i should launch soon enough :0




Detailed version here

There are a few things I want to say here:

  • I’ll take the liberty of closing if I see it fit. This is to better manage my time.
  • All prices apply to all types of pieces, be it just a face-up, bust, mid-view or full body or panoramic, take in account that the closer everything is, the more detailed it will be, therefore it will take more time.
  • Due to work and school reasons (mostly work), it might take a while to get your commission done, so please be patient. Not gonna lie to you here: it could take months due to real life business. I’m terribly sorry for this inconvenience.

Here are the conditions for sending your commission request:

  • You must submit your request through submit page. Your submission must contain at least one image reference, preferibly something specific. You should also be clear and preferibly brief on describing what you want me to do. If you feel that it is necessary, go into full detail, but keep it simple

  • I take both SFW and NSFW commissions, but I will reserve my right to decline a commission if I want to.

  • If you want to get in contact, you can use Tumblr’s IM. Its probable that I answer. You can also find me on Discord as well, so if you feel more comfortable that way you can ask for a chat link.
  • I can only use PayPal for payments. You have to provide an email in order to send an invoice.
  • I only accept payment of the invoice first before starting any work.
  • You can get a certain discount for every 5 works commissioned. The discount depends on the type of commissions made over time though, ranging from 10% to 30% off.

So, without anything else to say, commission at your own risk.