drop the fart bass

The same sound effect is used for The Hand’s ability on JJBA: Diamond is Unbreakable, only without the clock slowing down.

This is a rip from a 720p version made for learning purposes. If you notice, there’s some music leaking into the very first second. I’m no sound engineer so I wasn’t able to take that out, but if you think you can clean it the music leaking there is Final Battle from JJBA: Stardust Crusaders OST [Destination] disc, around 4:17 or so (at the end of the track). Although it doesn’t seem to be anywhere tearing to the ears or very noticeable for that matter, I consider it is important to put this info here.

If tumblr decided to silence this, you can download it through Xkit’s Audio Downloader extension. This has been a common problem since the reply update, the source audio can still be heard but it requires a download in order to do so. Sometimes the source post can be heard but the reblogs do not. As far as I know, there is no fix to this yet.

Feel free to remove the first line if you share this, also I would like to get a notification if you decided to clean the SFX


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