Alright, listen up.

There’s current a discussion going on in-government regarding DMCAs and copyright, and it’s going to be addressed tomorrow.

DMCAs allow people to take down content theft, and sometimes it works: but, very frequently it’s abused by corporations who have more legal resources and make empty threats against creators to either steal revenue, or to censor opinions. Reviews and parodies often get hit by this. Independent content creators meanwhile have to stick their necks out more to successfully file a DMCA claim against legitimate theft, not having the support of a corporation or legal team.

There are about 24 hours remaining to send feedback to this forum on fair use. This is not an April Fools prank.


I won’t lie, I’ve used the DMCA system on a few occasions to protect my work from blatant, unedited reuploads–but I still see abuse taking place way more, with reviews being taken down for being unfavorable, etc. The system doesn’t necessarily need to go away all together, but it needs to stop playing favorites with corporations and individuals who don’t understand the limitations of the law.


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